Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ways to save on your wedding reception

The reception is where most of your money is spent. You dont have to spend thousands of dollars to have a beautiful wedding reception. All you need to do is think outside the box. You dont have to have a sit down, 3 course meal with an open bar at a fancy reception centre... here are a few other ideas

  • Have a picnic or BBQ in a park - Great for a casual fun wedding
Many parks have free picnic and BBQ facilites. Visit a wholesale butcher for all your meat and rope a friend into being the chef for the day. After the meal, you could play a fun game of cricket or football with all your friends and family

  • Local pub or club
Many pubs and clubs have function rooms that are available for hire, cheaper than a reception centre. They may have set menus or you may be able to get a caterer in.

  • Your favorite restaurant
If you have a restaurant you love to go to, why not book a few tables and have your reception there. Many places dont charge a venue hire fee so all you are paying for is the food and drink. Chinese resturants are perfect for this because they have set banquets.

  • Farm or large property
Do you have friends or family with a farm or large property? Why not set up a marquee (you can buy them fairly cheaply at discount shops like the Reject Shop) for your reception? There are many spit roast catering companies around that charge around $12pp for a 3 course meal.

  • Breakfast wedding
Why not have a high tea or champagne breakfast reception? Scones, pancakes, fancy tea

  • RSL, Sports Club, School Hall, Community Centres
All usually have function space available to hire at a reasonable cost and they allow you to either self cater or bring in a catering company, saving you money on food costs. While they may not be as 'pretty' as the reception centres, the money you save is a great trade off

You can rent a beautiful holiday house in the country or even by the beach and hold your reception there. You could even hire it for a few days and once everyone has left the wedding, you and your husband could spend your honeymoon there

And if you still want to have your wedding at a reception centre...
  • Ask about their cocktail menu. It is alot cheaper than a sit down meal.
  • Ask the venue if you can supply your own alcohol, if not, have a bar tab for soft drinks only. Guest can pay for alcohol if they wish
  • DJ's are cheaper than bands/singers. In this day and age where everyone has an Ipod, why not do your own wedding music. Load up the Ipod with all the songs you want to use, hook up some speakers and enlist someone to be 'DJ' for the night, pressing play and stop when needed.
  • Have your wedding during off peak times. Weekdays, lunch time, Sundays are the times that the venue and suppliers are the least busiest so they may offer discounts.

Best tip of all.... Always ask for a discount!

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