Monday, April 6, 2009

Silver Chain and Crystal Pearl Necklace

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Supply List

68" of sterling silver cable chain

8 - 4mm sterling silver open jump rings

11 - 10mm off-white crystal pearls

18 - 8mm off-white crystal pearls

15 - 6mm off-white crystal pearls

1 sterling silver three-strand clasp

44 - 1" sterling silver eye pins

Wire cutters

2 flat nose or chain nose pliers (for opening and closing jump rings and eye pin

Round nose pliers (to make the loops at the end of the eye-pins)

Finished size: 20" at the shortest strand and 26" at the longest strand.


Start by cutting all the sections of silver chain needed. Use the wire cutters to cut nineteen sections of chain, each measuring three quarters of an inch long. In addition, cut twenty-three sections of chain measuring an inch and a half each and six sections measuring three inches each. Put them aside making sure the different lengths of chain don't get mixed up.

Next, place an eye pin through each of the crystal pearls and create a loop on the straight end of each pin. The loops on each side of the pearl should be approximately the same size. Once looped, cut off any excess wire. There should be 44 pearls with a loop at each end.

For the first strand, connect an inch-and-a-half section of chain to each loop of a 10mm pearls. Continue alternating chain sections and pearls until there are 11 10mm pearls and 12 sections of chain. Always start and finish each strand with a section of chain.

For the second strand, repeat step 3 using eighteen 8mm pearls and nineteen three-quarter-inch sections of chain.

For the third strand, use ten of the 6mm pearls and eleven of the inch-and-a-half sections of chain.

Finally, for the fourth strand, use the remaining five 6mm pearls and the six three-inch sections.

To assemble the necklace, connect the first strand to the bottom loop of one side of the clasp with jump rings. Attach the second strap to the middle loop of the clasp. Connect the third strand to the third loop of the clasp and the fourth strand to the fourth, or top, loop.

Following the instructions on step 7, connect the loose ends of the strands to the corresponding loops on the other half of the clasp.

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