Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This was our wedding cake. Simple, yet oooh so yummy. It fed 70 people with plenty left over.

I did alot of research when it came to the cake. I knew I didnt want anything fancy but I still wanted it to look nice. After speaking to a few cake shops who all wanted $200+ for a basic cake, I started looking at places like the cheesecake shop and Michel's Patisseri. I even tried Ferguson Plaires. They all wanted over $100 for a cake that would only feed 50 people. Thats when my aunt suggested I try Coles Supermarket where she worked. I paid $58 for a chocolate slab mudcake that everyone loved. I bought in my own ribbon and cake topper (bought on ebay for $12) and they decorated it for me.
Not every Coles makes cakes on site (I got mine from the one in Williamstown, Melbourne) so you may have to ring around to find one that does, but it's worth it. The cake was delish!!

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