Friday, January 30, 2009

Different guestbooks

Guests place their fingerprint in green, or coloured depending on the look you're after and sign their name next to it. This one is created to look like a tree

After the ceremony, ask someone to bring the aisle runner to the reception. Ask everyone to leave their well wishes by writing on the aisle runner and after the wedding you can hang it from a wall to display

Use a platter, plate, bowl or mug

What about the good old paper table clothes? Use paper table clothes on your table and leave some crayons, pencils or textas in a pretty jar in the middle of the table. Ask everyone to 'decorate' the table for you

You could also use cardstock and a pretty bowl, vase or jar. After the wedding you can put the messages in a scrapbook with your wedding photos

Use a sticker camera to make a photo guest book!
Enlist the help of a friend or family member to act as the guest book photographer. Because the photos come out straight away, guests can stick their photo in the guest book and write a message next to it. It can also be done with a Polaroid camera.

From Polka Dot Bride

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