Monday, May 11, 2009

Coca Cola Wedding favors

Is this not the coolest thing ever! Wedding Bee had coke bottle as wedding favors!

seriously contemplated giving bottles or cans of coke as wedding favors. I even looked at coke magnets, keyrings, stubby holders, anything coke related. I am known in my circle of family and friends to have a slight coke addiction so having some sort of coke favor would of been perfect. In the end, I couldnt find anything that I liked, it all seemed so tacky. If only I had found this 6 months ago!
Coke bottles comes in many shapes and sizes. Glass bottles look the nicest. I suggest shopping around and finding somewhere that you can buy them in bulk at a cheaper price. You can make the tags yourself or have a look on etsy at all the gorgeous tags that sellers make.

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  1. I Love this idea, I'm a bit of a coke fan & using something that will get used for favors instead of wasting money on candles & things people wont use.