Friday, May 15, 2009

DIY Ring Bearer Pillow

The very talented Mrs. Spring Roll from Weddingbee has given instructions on how to make this super cute ring bearer pillow.

Supplies needed:

  • ½” yard silk fabric
  • ½” yard chantilly lace
  • Paper to create template
  • Good pair of fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Fiberfill
  • 1 ½” thick ribbon
  • 1/8” thick ribbon


1. Create a square template using a sheet of construction paper. (I made my square 8”x8”).

2. Trace the template onto the silk fabric and cut (you should be left with two squares). Then, cut two pieces of lace with a border of approximately 8”x 3”.

3. Using one piece of square fabric, place one piece of silk, border facing the top, about 1” from top. Place the second piece of silk, border facing the bottom, about 1” from bottom. Pin silk into place.

4. By hand, sew the edges of the lace to the square fabric.

5. Pin the square fabric with lace to the other square fabric. Make sure that the good sides are facing “in”.

6. Sew square together, leaving a 2″ gap to insert fiberfill into.

7. Reverse pillow so that the good sides are now facing “out”.

8. Fill with fiberfill until you are happy with fullness.

9. By hand, sew 2″ gap close.

10. Cut 1 ½” thick ribbon approximately 8” long. Place ribbon on the center of lace. Sew ends of ribbon to the edge of pillow.

11. Cut 1/8” thick ribbon approximately 16” long. Tie ribbon onto center of thicker ribbon. (This will become the hanging ribbon that rings are tied onto)

12. Cut 1 ½” thick ribbon approximately 16” long. Make a bow, cutting the excess ribbon off. Sew bow onto center of 1 ½” thick ribbon.

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