Thursday, May 14, 2009

How To Make Your Own Wish Tree

Here is what you need to recreate the tree shown in the picture:

8 Manzanita Branches: You can spray-paint them gold or silver, or you can leave it the way nature intended.
Crystal Garland for use on the tree and in the vases
2 Large Glass Hurricanes or Floral Vases
Ornament Hooks
2 pens for guests to write with
2 Large serving trays which can be used to display the wish cards before the guests hang them on the tree. (If you want the guests to be able to access both sides of the table you will need 2 Large serving platters 2 frames and 4 pens.)
1-2 frames: The frames are placed between the hurricanes on either side of the table. Inside the frame, place card stock with the wording: “Best Wishes Brides Names & Grooms Name.”
Wish Tree Notes: To keep it simple, you could have your invitation vendor create the notes in the same style and card stock as your wedding invitations, place cards, programs and guest cards. Or, you could choose card stock in any shape or color you want to fit the theme or look of your wedding. It could look like an actual leaf or it could be done in the shape of a sea shell or snow flake. You just want to make sure there is enough surface space on the card for the guest to write her message.

Useful tip: Make sure to get 15-20 extra notes more than your total guest count.

Here is how you would construct your Wish Tree:

1. Wrap the inside the hurricanes with the crystal garland in a circular direction so that you get a good base in which to place the manzanita branches.

2. Place the two hurricanes about a foot apart from each other on the table on which the wish tree will be displayed.

3. Arrange the manzanita branches in the hurricanes.

4. Take the remaining crystal garland and drape them throughout the branches. This could take some time and you might need to make adjustments. You just don’t want to have any huge holes.

5. Place a ornament hook on each wish card and display them on the table. You can use the a serving platter to display the cards on, like it is in the picture, or you can just spread them on the table itself. (This step was the most time consuming for me.)

6. Place the frames in the center of the two hurricanes

7. Place the pens on either side of the serving platter

Useful tip: To get the most sparkle out of your tree place it near a great light source or add a few votive candles around the tree.

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